Little Bird Kitchen

It all began with a candied orange peel. Husband and wife team, Corey and Sara Meyer, now make all sorts of strange and wonderfully curious confections out of their state of the art manufacturing facility in Plainview. But it all started with that orange rind Sara candied for her husband. Corey’s overjoyed reaction to the peel immediately plunged Sara into a candying kick. Soon she candied pretty much everything that was edible, including some leftover jalapeños. Corey thought she was crazy, Sara’s co-workers, however, did not. After bringing chocolate covered candied jalapeños into her office, orders were immediately placed. So, in 2013, Little Bird was officially hatched. The name comes from Corey’s grandmother Fay, which means Little Bird in Yiddish. Their motto is “#hotandsweet” and you can now find jalapeños in everything Little Bird makes! Each product is handcrafted using only high-quality ingredients such as local, fresh jalapeños, premium Belgian chocolate and non-GMO cane sugar. All Little Bird Kitchen products are kosher certified (dairy and pareve) and never use any preservatives.

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