About LocaLI Bred curated by Trellus

LocaLI Bred’s story began with a shared passion for local artisans, a bond between two transplants to Long Island, and a vision to celebrate the Island's vibrant community of makers. Today, "LocaLI Bred curated by Trellus” marks a new chapter in the journey, where the spirit of Long Island meets the power of Trellus Same-Day Local Delivery & Marketplace.

Our Roots

LocaLI Bred was founded in 2018 by Theresa Pinelli and Halie Geller, two moms who met while navigating the challenges of parenthood in a new place. Bonding over their status as Brooklyn transplants and their marriages to native Long Islanders, they embarked on a mission to shine a light on Long Island's best artisans and makers. Their curated gift boxes became a symbol of Long Island pride, bridging the gap between newcomers and natives.

The Acquisition

In February 2024, LocaLI Bred was acquired by Trellus Same-Day Local Delivery & Marketplace, a Long Island-based startup dedicated to supporting local businesses. LocaLI Bred curated by Trellus continues the mission with even more vigor, leveraging the resources and driver network of Trellus to expand reach and impact.

A Strong Partnership

Led by a team of small business owners, Trellus shares a commitment to the local community. With a track record of delivering over 90,000 packages and serving over 450 small businesses across Long Island and Westchester County, Trellus provides the infrastructure and technology needed for same-day delivery. Trellus provides the solutions for choosing local over Amazon and big-box stores. 

The Next Chapter 

Together, LocaLI Bred curated by Trellus will uphold the legacy of a woman-owned company that has contributed significantly to the small business community. We are dedicated to connecting Long Islanders with local businesses they can support and appreciate for years to come.

LocaLI Bred curated by Trellus is more than a brand; it's a celebration of Long Island's local artisans and a commitment to supporting the community we call home. 

To discover more about Trellus Same-Day Local Delivery & Marketplace and our dedication to local businesses, visit www.byTrellus.com or call 1.833.562.2554.

Join us in this exciting journey, where every box tells a story, and every purchase makes a positive impact on the Island we love.