Birch and Main

The genesis of Birch and Main is black soot… not exactly the glamorous origin you might expect from such a beautifully designed and inspired line of products, but black soot it was. Founder and Owner Michael McPolin began the company in 2012 after he and his partner, Ken Marin, noticed that the ceiling of their home was dotted with that hideous charcoal colored filth. After realizing that the grime came from the candles Michael liked to burn, he was determined to make his own candles from 100% soy and without the dyes and additives found in those commercially manufactured. What began as a hobby hand pouring candles in the kitchen of his home officially blossomed into a business as friends and family started buying them. He termed the company Birch and Main, the name deriving from the street names of two of Michael’s former residences - Birch is the street he grew up on, and Main was the street of his first adult abode. After expanding his product line from soy candles to include luxurious soaps, bath bombs, essential oils, lotions and sprays, Michael opened his first brick and mortar store in Wading River in 2016. Within a year Birch far outgrew that location and re-settled into a larger space and its current home in downtown Port Jefferson. This beautiful lifestyle boutique showcases Michael’s signature soy candles and product lines in addition to high end home decor items and other local goods. All of Birch’s luxurious products are locally made, vegan and animal cruelty free and of the highest quality. And who would have thunk that it all blossomed out of black soot?

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