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Jason's Woodsign Creations

Jason's Woodsign Creations

Meditative is the best way to describe it," says Jason Taveras. "When I'm carving wood, I get into this zone of visualizing what I want to do and nothing can distract me. When you are working with wood, it will guide and talk to you and show you the way, but you've got to be in tune with it."

Despite being born into a creative/handy family - Grandfather: Builder, Uncle: Architect, Cousin: Graphic Designer - Jason (a cardiac stenographer by day) wasn't this zen until VERY recently. There were a few handmade signs here and there, but it wasn't until his son turned four last year that it all fell into place. Scouring the internet to update his bedroom theme from 'Winnie the Pooh' to 'Superhero,' Jason had an epiphany, "I can make those things!" What followed were six hand carved Superhero plaques. Plaques which his son still insists on individually saying goodnight to before bed.

Then there was the issue of the bed. "We thought a Batmobile would be pretty cool, but we were looking on Amazon and it was too small, and plastic and still pretty expensive, so I thought 'you know what, I'll just recreate the whole thing.'" At a late summer house party, Jason's creations left their guests in awe and the requests soon started flowing in. "I'm more introverted, but my wife was like 'you need to sell this.'"

"I'm a visual person. If you show me something I’ll figure it out. Like teaching myself guitar. But usually if there's something I'm good at, I'll plateau. With woodworking I'm not hitting any plateau. I've only really been doing this since October. I want to get to the point, especially with chisels, that when I make something, it looks realistic. Where I'm carving something out of wood and it looks lifelike, like something you'd see at a Church in Italy... but it's Batman."